Punish Torture Masochism


PissJapan Girls Stream and Steam up the Pavement office girl 12 Sep 2018

A harried office girl rushes back to work but nature can’t wait. She finds a secluded spot on the street and squats to release a hard hefty stream that surges across the warm pavement. Think that piss was powerful? Wait till our next pissy schoolgirl in sweater and tights. She yanks down those spotted tights and shoots out a torrent of pee rocketing about a foot out ahead of her. When her dripping pussy finally stops, she blots it with a tissue and rushes along on her way.Two chic shoppers make pit stops to pull their expensive panties out of harm’s way and spray hot gushers of piss on the sidewalk. These sexy girls may be dirty but their crotches are sure rinsed clean.

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